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Education 4012Curriculum and Instruction in Language Arts (Primary-Junior)

This basic survey course is designed to familiarize teacher candidates with the characteristics and development of young children’s language. The course will focus on the teacher’s role in the selection, design, implementation, and evaluation of learning opportunities based on the individual’s abilities and needs in viewing, listening, speaking, reading and writing. A functional approach which recognizes the interrelated nature of the above communication strands will be explored within the current documents provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education for developing language arts programs at these levels.

 Education 4013: Teaching Early Literacy (Primary-Junior)

Theory, processes and strategies in teaching literacy skills to young children. Please note that C&I Language Arts (4012) and Teaching Literacy (4013) will be combined in this course

Course Outline 


First Term Reading List

First term Reading list PPOD YA 2014.15

Guides to Effective Instruction Link


Language Curriculum document


LNS Webcast Links


Feedback That Fits

This is an article by Susan Brookhart that describes Effective feedback.

The following Links are for your Reading list

LNS  Monograph Critical Literacy

LNS Monograph Non-Fiction Writing

LNS Monograph Word Study

LNS Monograph World of Words

LNS Monograph Early Language

LNS Monograph Poetry

Following are some additional interesting articles to support your learning

Repeated Interactive Read-Aloud article


LNS Monograph The Voice of Text-to-Speech Technology

LNS Monograph Storytelling

LNS Monograph Aboriginal Teaching

LNS Monograph Boy’s Underachievement

LNS Monograph Asking Effective Questions

LNS Monograph the Third Teacher

Marzano’s 9 Effective Strategies  Handout5-MarzanoHighYieldStrategies









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